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Young People


Before I was elected in 2010, I’d raised a family locally and worked alongside young people throughout my long and varied career, helping me appreciate many of your challenges.

Whatever your circumstances at birth, I think Britain should offer everyone the best chances possible in life.

Our society needs a ‘safety net’ so if you hit tough times – losing your job, becoming ill, family breakdown – you're never ignored or abandoned.

In coalition, we Lib Dems have punched well above our weight, with a fraction of the MPs, in difficult circumstances, we've done our best for young people.

Taking your tax-free earnings to £11,000 next year – which in 2010 David Cameron reckoned was “unaffordable“, creating 20,750 apprenticeships in Somerset – helping more people earn while they learn, and dedicating £1.65 billion to mental healthcare.

As for university? … check out Buzzfeed and

We will invest:

  • In treatment for those with eating disorders and in crisis
  • Give under-19s discounted bus passes
  • Go further with our recently announced Liberal Democrats Rent to Own Scheme for first-time buyers
  • Extend our income tax cuts by a further £400 and raise the point – £8,000 – where you start paying National Insurance contributions, this whacks the low paid and those in their first jobs

And I’ll keep banging on about youth service cuts, and superfast broadband until the Conservative-led County Council improves things in my patch.

The below leaflet which should have landed on your doorstep recently has more information, but please come and  grill me over a coffee if you would like any more information on this or any other local or national issue.


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