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Wedmore Post Office


Post Office Ltd has finally told us that it can't make a decision on where its base in Wedmore is going to be.

What Post Office Ltd's two page letter (which you can read here and here) in effect says is:

1. Post Office Ltd knows that well over 1,000 locals didn't like its plans. It still thinks it knows what's best for Wedmore. So much for "consultation".

2. Sophie & Mark at the Village Stores have withdrawn their application to host the Post Office.

3. The Wedmore branch will stay open and where it is only until Post Office Ltd finds somewhere else to put it. And it's looking hard to find somewhere.

4. Post Office Ltd really doesn't 'get' rural life and rural communities. It's studiously ignoring most of the points raised by locals.

5. A rural Post Office isn't a viable business in its own right, so it has to piggy-back onto other traders to exist at all.

6. Post Office's business case hasn't persuaded Richard Helps, Wedmore's Postmaster, that the 'merits' of its 'Local' model are good enough for him to take it on in Wedmore, so we're back exactly where we started 2.5 years ago.

7. Whatever Post Office Ltd thinks it's going to do, it is obliged to "consult" us again before it re-locates the service.

Tessa Munt 

19th July 2016

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