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Tessa meets 'WASPI' in Wells


This morning Tessa joined the Somerset branch of Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) at Wells Market Place for the National Day of Action.

Leader of WASPI Somerset said: 

We were all absolutely delighted that Tessa responded to our Day of Action invitation and then spent such a long time listening to our concerns.
Tessa was very supportive and it is great to know she will be demanding meetings and asking questions in Parliament on our behalf, if elected on June 8th.

Tessa said:

I was determined to attend the day of action and support WASPI today.

The situation these women are facing is completely unfair. These women did the right thing by paying into their pensions, only to find the goalposts shifted by the Government.

Across Somerset more than thirty-five thousand women are affected, these women have been let down and it's up to the government to sort it.

We won't make any progress without independent minded MPs in Parliament, who are willing to listen and then take action.

If elected as MP for Wells this will be a priority. 

Watch my video. 

Tessa Munt

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