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Govt commitment to work closely with tidal power company welcome

Somerset MP Tessa Munt has welcomed today’s announcement that the Government will start closer discussions with Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd to establish whether tidal lagoon projects in the West Country are affordable and value for money for consumers.

Tessa said:

“Earlier this year, I used my position as Chair of my party’s Energy & Climate Change Backbench Committee to introduce Eva Bishop, Director of Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd. to Ed  Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.

I never waste an opportunity to encourage him to meet experts and entrepreneurs operating in  the clean, green, renewable sector and it seems it’s finally paying off. 

He was persuaded that tidal power is in reach, a reality and a fantastic resource here in the West, where the tidal range in the Severn Estuary is the second highest in the world. I’m a long-term supporter of tidal power. 

The potential of this technology is immense and most of us here in the West Country understand that.  Harnessing the power of the nation’s tides has the potential to supply as much as 10% of the UK’s electricity.”

Tessa Munt

2nd December 2014  

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