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Tessa will be living ‘below the line’ this week!

Day-1-Stir-fried-greens-noodles.jpgTessa was challenged to ‘live below the line’  by the Bath-based organisation, Send a Cow who help some of Africa’s poorest families by providing training, support and livestock to enable rural families to grow themselves out of poverty (here is a link to their recent Impact Report).

They work in seven countries in Africa. As well as their work in Africa they also educate school children in the region about growing food, poverty in Africa and the farming methods that are used in the countries we work.

Send a Cow have a new campaign for 2014 – Live Below the Line.  Participants have been asked to eat  and drink on just a £1 a day for 5 days from 10 March –  14 March 2014 to raise money but also to raise awareness of the reality of poverty in developing countries, and in Send a Cow’s case, Africa.

Send a Cow are one of 35 charities involved in this national  campaign and have asked local MP’s to front the campaign and to undertake the challenge.

Tessa said:

“This week has already been a challenge and has required lots of planning and discipline! I’m constantly on the go either in Somerset or London and like many people I take the availability of food and drink for granted.

Thankfully, my challenge only lasts five days but for millions of people living ‘below the line’ is reality and this can’t be right. Send a Cow is a great charity, they don’t do handouts, the money raised will go towards educational projects so that people can grow their way out of poverty, support their families and lead dignified independent lives.

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