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Tessa welcomes full independent inquiry into allegations of child abuse cover-ups at the heart of the establishment

Local MP Tessa Munt has welcomed the Home Secretary’s announcement that she will establish a full, independent Inquiry into the worrying pattern of ‘lost’, suppressed or destroyed evidence about paedophile rings which, it is alleged, include prominent politicians, celebrities and other high-profile members of the establishment.

The Home Secretary’s announcement follows a letter to her, signed by Tessa and 6 other MPs, last month. The letter has since attracted another 140 MPs’ signatures from across the political divides, and an online petition attracted over 78,000 signatures in a matter of days.

Tessa said:

“There is the potential for abuse wherever an individual has power over others.  Where that imbalance exists, we should all be alert to the risks of abuse and must try to listen harder to those who may feel they do not have a voice – whether they are children, adults or the elderly, from the playground to the nursing home, whether victims of domestic, sexual, emotional or any other form of abuse.  Then, if we have heard that voice, we have a responsibility to act.”

“It seems there are many cases of abuse which have been sidelined by those at the very top and in authority for decades.  When someone has blown the whistle, the evidence has subsequently been ‘lost’ – too often to be a coincidence – or destroyed, maybe deliberately.”

“It’s a sickening irony – the most vulnerable children, often in society’s ‘care’, abused by the most powerful in our society – the very people who have the ability and responsibility for standing up for those who are vulnerable.”

“As someone who is a survivor of sexual abuse, I’m driven to stand up for those who don’t have a voice.  This is just one of several reasons why I wanted to become an MP, because I thought I could make a difference.  My personal history is not what defines me as an individual, but I hope I might be a better MP as a result of my experience.”

“Now that the Home Secretary has agreed to our calls, I’ll be watching like a hawk to ensure this Inquiry works to find answers.  Victims must feel they will be listened to and believed, that action will be taken wherever possible to ensure justice is done, and that those who have suffered may hopefully work towards gaining some sense of closure and begin the long road back to full health.”

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