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Tessa rolls up her sleeves with local businesses this summer!

Local MP Tessa Munt is to complete a series of fact-finding work experience days this summer in some of Somerset’s fantastic local businesses.

Tessa will learn more about the challenges each business faces, whilst highlighting the benefits of undertaking work experience and volunteering during breaks in work or study and between school terms.

Tessa has already secured work experience with, amongst others, a local baker, cider-maker, vet and a reclamation company.  She will be serving at a lunch club, up early for milking and out with a local bee-keeper.  Tessa will be accepting other invitations over the coming weeks.

Tessa said:

“We have such an amazing array of local businesses doing great work in Somerset and I am always keen to use my position to promote them.”

“Rolling my sleeves up for them will offer me a glimpse of what happens on any day in our local firms and clubs.  I’ll gain a better understanding of how they operate, the challenges they face and at the same time, can promote what they’re doing.”

“I know from personal experience that a little work experience can help young people decide whether they’re suited to particular sorts of work.  With so much competition for jobs, voluntary experience can often help – an employer will see that someone has tried to gain experience, which can make that job application stand out from the others.”

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