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Tessa questions decision to re-locate our Bishop

tessa_bishop.jpgLocal MP Tessa Munt has asked the Church Commissioners’ spokesperson in Parliament why the Bishop of Bath and Wells is to be moved from the modest flat within the Bishop’s Palace to a house outside Wells reportedly costing £700,000.

Tessa said:

“The Church Commissioners made a decision on 28th November that moving the Bishop away from the Bishop’s Palace would help him carry out his ministry and mission with more “privacy”.  We have been blessed with effective and engaging Bishops for as long as I can remember, and the Palace provides a unique, atmospheric and contemplative environment for those involved in its life, including the many visitors.”

“One of the charms of the Palace was the possibility that one might just run into the Bishop or his wonderful wife in the grounds, and in my view, it is a great shame that the chances of being blessed in this way are reduced almost to nothing.”

“It seems extraordinary – at a time when the Church insists it is trying to reach out to people – that the Church Commissioners have made a decision to remove one of its most public figures to a more remote location and at a distance from the very folk it says it wants to attract.”

I hope the Second Church Estates Commissioner, who answers to Parliament, will offer a convincing explanation as to why the Bishop is being moved from our beautiful Bishop’s Palace after 800 years!

Tessa Munt
7th January 2014

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