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Tessa honoured to be chosen “Carers’ Parliamentary Ambassador”

Tessa has been honoured with a request from the UK-wide Carers’ campaign to become one of just three Parliamentary Ambassadors, in a role which aims to reach out and support the huge number of carers.

Tessa has long campaigned for more recognition and better services for Somerset’s carers and was offered the role in recognition of this work.

Carers’ Week Quest 2014 is calling on individuals and organisations across the UK to sign up to a ground-breaking initiative to reach carers in their local communities who miss out on vital support and services.

Hundreds of organisations and individuals are currently signing up to support the Carers’ Week Quest – the greatest ever drive to reach out to the UK’s carers.

The very nature of caring – of being there for a loved one facing ill health or disability – means too often people don’t at first – and sometimes never – identify themselves as a carer and therefore miss out on support which is available.

Without the right help and support, caring for another can have a devastating impact on the carer’s own physical, emotional and financial health.

The Carers’ Week Quest will rely on the help of individuals and organisations – including community groups, employers, GPs, health and social care professionals – to connect with those who are caring.

The aim is to encourage improved collaborative working in local communities in order to reach the thousands of carers missing out on help.

Tessa said:

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for our carers.  They perform vital work in homes throughout our communities every day, often silently and behind closed doors, without support or thanks.”

“If our carers stopped their work, our NHS and other services would suffer terribly.  In fact, there is a danger that some services would simply grind to a halt.”

“Carers come from all backgrounds and their ages vary from very young children to the very elderly.  One thing they all share is a sense of duty and pride in the amazingly valuable work they perform.  Every situation is different.  Consequently, carers have a very diverse set of needs.  It is absolutely vital we raise awareness of the work they do, and protect and enhance the support available to them.”

“In Somerset, the County Council received a generous settlement from the Coalition in recognition of the challenges of providing services in rural communities, yet has tried to cut the support and services upon which carers rely.”

“I will use my position as Ambassador to promote awareness of our carers and the work they perform – which benefits us all”.

Lynda Bellingham, actress said: “The Carers Week Quest is an important new initiative aiming to reach out to the thousands of carers in the UK missing out on support and services that can help them with their caring role. My sister and I cared for our mother when she had Alzheimer’s and so I know first-hand the impact that caring can have on someone’s life. I believe we can all play a part in helping improve the lives of those who take on a caring role. That is why I am supporting the Carers’ Week Quest in 2014”.

Helen Clarke, Carers’ Week Manager said: “By working together during Carers’ Week with charities, businesses, community groups and public services, we have a huge opportunity to raise the profile of what caring is, who carers are, the impact it has on their lives and to help thousands of people who are missing out on help and support which could make a real difference to their lives. Will you join in and help carers?”

At the heart of the Carers’ Week Quest will be a focus on working together in local communities during Carers’ Week, which takes place from Monday 9th June to Sunday 15th June 2014.

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