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Tessa commemorates WW1 centenary at 'Wells Remembers' Exhibition


Local MP Tessa Munt visited a unique exhibition marking the centenary of the First World War, hosted by the Wells & Mendip Museum.

The exhibition, part of the ‘Wells Remembers’ Centenary commemorations, includes a ‘walk through trench’ designed by locals Geoff Dickinson and Jeff Allen pictured.

This was built with the aid of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and a combination of efforts by many local organisations and individuals, all of whom pitched in to help get this four year rolling exhibition up and running.

Exhibits from a variety of local sources, including the City Archives, remind visitors of the need to ensure the great sacrifices made in the trenches during the bloody conflict are never forgotten.


Tessa said:

“This exhibition doesn’t seek to glorify this conflict, but walking through this trench shows much more clearly the day-to-day conditions of living through a war for many ordinary soldiers.”

“The exhibition also highlights how many young men went to war from Wells and the surrounding villages, and the numbers who paid the ultimate price, losing their lives.”

“During this special four years of commemoration, we will all remember the great human cost suffered in wartime.”

“Remembering those whose lives were lost and whose families were forever scarred by the violence of war, we can keep them in our thoughts and, hopefully, keep history from repeating itself.”

“We must never forget.”

Tessa Munt

24th October

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