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We the undersigned object to Conservative plans to Frack. 

Fracking does not fit with our objective to tackle climate change. Somerset is dependent on the beauty of our landscape and the integrity of its water: 36,000 people in Somerset rely on tourism for their income, our farmers and agriculture depend on clean, safe water supplies, our landscape is known for the source of Bath’s Spa waters on the Mendips and the multitude of rivers and rhynes on the Levels and Moors.

Our regulatory regime is weaker and less independent than it needs to be for this new process to be considered safe. 

There is a real risk that spills, leaks and water contamination will occur, air will be polluted, enormous quantities of waste water will need to be hauled, leading to heavy traffic movements for which our lanes are not suited – all of which would be catastrophic for this county.

We are calling for plans to Frack in the UK, including in Somerset to be shelved. 

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