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Somerset is open for business!

For many years, the majority of holidaymakers’ only experience of Somerset was through a car window as they hurtled down the M5 on their way to our more famous neighbours – Devon and Cornwall.

In recent years, however, this has changed. Thanks to the tireless work of the County’s tourism businesses we all know about Somerset’s friendly locals, our iconic landscape, rich history, vast array of products and events including Cheddar Cheese, Scrumpy Cider, Ales, Strawberries, the Wurzels, Glastonbury Festival, and much more – too many to mention!

Somerset has firmly established itself as a popular destination for domestic and international tourists.

But the scenes that have hit TV screens week after week since just before Christmas have shown catastrophic levels of flooding after the wettest winter for a couple of hundred years.

Minister after Minister has donned welly boots and visited Somerset, and as the floodwaters have risen, they’ve been pledging, with ever-increasing urgency, that they will bring the help, the people and the money that is needed to clear up the mess.

Grim as it is for those who are directly affected by the flooding – and it must be very depressing for those clearing up again and again, because this is the third time in six years some homes and businesses have been underwater – the extraordinary truth is that only two per cent of the County is submerged.

Not one of our major visitor attractions and holiday destinations has been affected and the teams which run them and the many warm, dry and welcoming places to stay are ready and waiting for a busy holiday season.

The teams involved in making sure that your holiday in Somerset is fun, interesting and one to remember is 35,000 strong and very capable. Many people are unaware that we have the second largest number of holiday caravans on the Somerset coast at Brean and Burnham-on-Sea.

So, don’t be put off by the news on the TV!

Come and see us – bring your bucket and spade as we’ve lots of sand, great seaside resorts and lovely piers.

Bring your boots for long walks in beautiful countryside, along the Mendip Hills, up Glastonbury Tor and down the caves in Wookey Hole and Cheddar.

Bring your bikes to discover the moors (flat land with miles and miles of lanes) criss-crossing the land of mysterious legends woven around King Alfred and King Arthur.

Bring your camera and snap away – we’ve dozens of historic buildings and England’s smallest city,

Bring your friends and family – we promise they won’t be bored and they definitely won’t be hungry!

Somerset was named by the Celts and the Saxons as ‘The Land of the Summer People’

Come and see us soon – Somerset is #OpenforBusiness!

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