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Oh Corbyn Wherefore art thou?


Last week,Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party failed to support a Liberal Democrat push in the House of Lords to block devastating cuts to solar subsidies..

The Lib Dems, who stood up for the renewable industry whilst in Government, were the only party to try and block the bid, tabling a ‘fatal motion’ which would have done exactly what is says on the tin - killing the plans to cut 65% of solar funding.

Thousands of solar installations, including those planned by social housing landlords, have been cancelled or put on hold as a result of these short-sighted Tory cuts.

Furthermore, ​according to the ​Tories​’ own impact assessment, between 9,700 and 18,700 jobs in the industry could be lost ​over the next two years as a result of the change.

Tessa said:

"No one should be surprised by the Conservatives' cuts which will cost people dearly; they pocketed millions of pounds from the big energy companies who feel threatened by renewable energy - which literally puts power back into ordinary people’s hands -before the election. Now it’s payback time."

"The big energy companies put pressure on the Conservatives to attack the renewable industry so they can maintain their grip on our energy supplies, and thereby control the price we pay for electricity."


"But what’s really disappointing is that despite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's attack on David Cameron for the cuts, his party chose not to join the Lib Dems in voting the cuts down."

"If Labour had joined forces with the Lib Dems last week, we'd have outnumbered the Tories and protected jobs in renewable energy from economically illiterate Conservative cuts.

Tessa Munt

7th February 2016

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