Help stop changes to the way access to land is acquired for fracking

Tessa recently sent this message to people who have contacted her before about environmental matters.

“As you have contacted me before about environmental matters, I hope you do not mind if I write to update you further on some proposals which relate to Hydraulic Fracturing, known as ‘fracking’, in our part of Somerset, and to ask again for your help.

You may be aware that last month, the Government announced plans to encourage investment in and increase the competitiveness of the UK’s energy infrastructure.

The wording used in the Queen’s Speech was as follows:

“My government will introduce a bill to bolster investment in infrastructure and reform planning law to improve economic competitiveness. The bill will enhance the United Kingdom’s energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermal sites and maximising North Sea resources.”

This would have come as no surprise, as David Cameron is on record stating his intention to “go all out for shale”.

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Tessa Munt calls for inquiry into historical child abuse cover-ups by local authorities

Tessa is one of a cross party team of seven MPs which has called on the Home Secretary to hold a national inquiry into historical child sex abuse, exploring alleged cover-ups by the authorities.

The seven MPs have written a joint letter to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, urging her to set up “a full, properly-resourced investigation into the failure of the Police, HM Customs & Excise and other agencies to follow up on evidence in a number of historical cases of child sex abuse, some dating back to the 1970s and said to involve paedophile rings consisting of leading politicians, celebrities and other figures of the establishment.

Worrying patterns have emerged whereby evidence has been ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’, which has stifled investigations to date.

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Tessa fights for super fast broadband

The Government is set to miss its target of getting 90% of homes connected to superfast broadband before 2015

As a rural MP, I have had dozens of local residents write to me – yes, often with good old-fashioned paper and pen – because they are not convinced the promised broadband scheme will be available to them.

Superfast broadband sounds fantastic.

But it’s a thorny business.

There seem to be two main problems.

One: Government forgets that many, many people live a long way from London and other major towns and cities.

And in their wisdom, Ministers have allowed BT – the only provider – to start with strengthening the coverage in towns which already have broadband and then to work outwards into the rural areas.

This is completely mad.

What ‘superfast rural broadband’ means to me is starting in those parts of England with no coverage and working back into the towns.  Not the other way round.

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Tessa Munt MP becomes first south west “species champion”

Tessa was out with the RSPB and Somerset Wildlife Trust  on the Ham Wall nature reserve this morning, in her capacity as the first ‘Species Champion’ for the  wonderful Bittern. The rare heron like waterbird is making a strong comeback in our area.

The initiative has been launched this month by RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Bumblebee Conservation, Buglife, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation,The Wildlife Trusts and National Trust.

Tessa has been able to gain first-hand about their species from wildlife NGOs who have strong environmental expertise throughout the region. She is working alongside them to provide a brighter future for these species, spread that knowledge throughout the West Country’s political community and shape policy to improve our environment.

Tony Richardson, regional director for RSPB in the South West said:

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