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Child Abuse Inquiry: Home Secretary acts on my suggestion



Seven of us MPs met last year to discuss allegations of child sex abuse involving non-state organisations, public sector institutions and individuals in authority, including paedophiles operating from within Westminster.  

Our group wrote to the Home Secretary to demand an Independent Inquiry into systematic child abuse in order to uncover any establishment involvement, past and present. 

One of the primary aims is to ensure that children and the vulnerable are afforded the care and protection they deserve.

Today, Tessa welcomed the Home Secretary’s Ministerial Statement confirming her plan to appoint New Zealand High Court Judge Lowell Goddard as the new Chair of the Statutory Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

It is pleasing to see progress being made after some setbacks.  I am sure the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is absolutely determined to uncover the truth about these appalling crimes.

I met with Theresa May this morning before she delivered her statement, and she kindly gave me advance notice of her proposals. I am particularly pleased that the Home Secretary has acted on my suggestion last July to appoint someone from the Commonwealth to lead the Inquiry. 

I have been meeting the Home Secretary regularly since July last year to offer my help and suggestions about finding a Chair for the Inquiry.  It is important to have someone who understands our system, our administration and our language, but has as few inks to the ‘establishment’ as is possible.

The Home Secretary has acknowledged the enormous scale of the problem and that these are “despicable crimes”.  In Parliament today, she acknowledged that abuse is perpetrated now, in every town and village in the UK.  She recognised that although abuse may have occurred historically, the effect and impacts can be life-long.

Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said Justice Goddard would "enhance the whole credibility of the Inquiry".

My question to the Home Secretary in Parliament today will be available here:


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