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Tackling the cost of living is one of my priorities as an MP representing such a rural patch.

Living in such a rural area with little access to the rail network and buses only running to 7pm (even less on weekends) means that a car is an essential means of getting around.

It is also esessential to look into alternative fuels, such as LPG which I use in my little Peugeot.

It costs around half the price of petrol with a fraction of the carbon emissions. 

That is why I have been working alongside Quentin Wilson, founder of Fair Fuel UK to lobby Ministers in the Treasury and successfully deliver fuel duty freezes for the past four years.

Quentin said:

“Tessa's been there right from the start in backing the award-winning FairFuelUK Campaign.

We have met with hundreds of MPs in 5 years of campaigning, very few deliver on their promises.

Without her continuous and unambiguous support since January 2011, 32 million tax paying motorists and businesses would have been paying £1.60p/litre every time they fill up.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking and that best sums up Tessa Munt. She beavers away for her constituents and for causes that will make a difference for real people without generating a media song and dance in making them happen.

FairFuelUK is apolitical and has over 150 MPs from all Parties who endorse its objectives of getting a fairer deal for its supporters. With Tessa on-board the Campaign’s successes have been achieved in part because of all the help she has given without making that song and dance and always delivering on her promises. She is a real ‘in touch’ person who delivers real results. Her continuing support is not just welcome its essential for bringing common sense to punitive taxation issues such as the high cost of fuel.” 


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