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Lib Dems announce £2bn Flood Prevention Fund


The Liberal Democrats will commit to a £2bn flood prevention fund which focuses on providing support for small community and locally led schemes.

The aim is to reduce upstream flooding and the knock-on effects in downstream and coastal areas, as well as improving flood defences, and introducing high standards for flood resilience for buildings and infrastructure in flood risk areas.
Flooding is exacerbated by climate change so is hardly the fault of communities up and down the country that have been devastated by flooding.

In government, it was Liberal Democrats pushing for proper funding for flood defences. Money and actions speak louder than words.

Tessa said:
“In other parts of the country the government paid for flood defences but in Somerset the people were asked to pay through their council taxes because the government would not fund it. David Cameron famously said: ‘money is no object’. What he actually meant was ‘your money is no object.' I am delighted the Liberal Democrats are able to offer hope to communities blighted by flooding.”

Tessa Munt 

Standing up for Somerset

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