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Home Secretary replies to my Parliamentary Quesion on Child Abuse Inquiry

Tessa has received a reply to her Urgent Parliamentary Question to Home Secretary Theresa May.

On the 11th November, Tessa asked the Home Secretary the following:

Tessa Munt (Wells) (LD): In the interests of clarity, may I ask the Home Secretary on what date she instructed her permanent secretary to check and order the preservation of each and every file containing documents relating to any allegations of abuse, so that the independent panel has access to them? Destroying any documents would be against section 29 of the Data Protection Act, which should protect them in the interests of justice.

Mrs May: I will, if I may, write to my hon. Friend with details on the work that the Home Office has been doing to ensure that files are preserved and available for those who need to see them.




More recently, Tessa met with the Home Secretary this Monday to press again for the Inquiry Chair to  ‘Compel’ witnesses to appear before members and provide evidence to the Inquiry.

That wish was granted later on Monday when the Home Secretary appeared before the Home Affairs Committee to announce that the new Chair, when announced would indeed have the power to compel witnesses to attend and provide evidence to the panle inquiry.

Tessa was one of the original ‘Magnificent 7′ who met together and then wrote to the Home Secretary asking for an independent panel  inquiry to be launched into repeated failures by police to investigate thoroughly historic cases of child sexual abuse. They wanted the equivalent of the investigation into the Hillsborough disaster.

Tessa Munt

18th December 2014

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