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Rev Chris North and Tessa ring big changes from Chilcompton’s Church


On the day that funding was announced, Tessa celebrated Coalition investment in three places of worship in the Wells constituency.

In the third, and final, round of the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund, Wells Cathedral will receive £160,000 for masonry and structural repairs to the North Quire, on top of £160,000 it received in previous rounds.

Also set to benefit are St. John the Baptist Church, Chilcompton which will receive £79,600 and St. Matthew’s Church, Wookey which will receive £15,000.  Both Churches applied successfully to the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund so roofs, gutters and stonework can be replaced. 

The Rev Chris North, Vicar of Chilcompton said:

I'm politically impartial, but there is no denying that Tessa has been a fantastic MP and advocate for this community. She has worked hard, striving to understand the needs of our area, and challenging those with power and resources to make difference.  I didn’t see the last MP for five years.  Tessa rings up, wants to know what’s going on, how she can help.”

This positive announcement on funding for our Church roof is another example of Tessa taking concerns to Westminster and coming back with a result.”

Tessa said:

“Since being elected in 2010, I've made it my business to work closely with the clergy and parishioners all over my patch, and nationally. This latest win follows our highly successful ‘Keep our Bishop in the Palace’ campaign, questioning the Church of England’s ethical investments policy and defending the right of the Church to express its views on any Government policies.”

“We have several well-established and award-winning conservation companies based locally, so this is great news for worshippers, for tourism and specialist craftsmen too.”

“It was such a pleasure to mark this happy moment by ringing the bells at St. John’s with Chris North and Chris Austin, the Church Warden.”

Tessa Munt 

2nd April 2015

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