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Tessa Munt MP encourages community to engage with First Bus

tessa_first_bus_forum.jpgFollowing a packed and hugely successful public meeting in Brean before Christmas, Tessa is encouraging local people to become members of First Bus’s Customer Panel.

Panel Members will get the opportunity to represent local people, making their views known on a regular basis.

Commenting, Tessa said:

“Local people know their areas best and the meeting I chaired in December was packed to the rafters and lots of people had good ideas.

First Group are currently recruiting new panel members for this area and I think this is an important opportunity for local people to get involved and make an impact on the services we all rely on.

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Maybe 2014 is the time for a grown-up conversation about what we want from our MPs?


The hoo-hah over MPs salaries doesn't just demonstrate how to drop a clanger, but it highlights what is missing from the debate as well.

I wonder whether 2014 might be the time to have a proper discussion about what it is our MPs are meant to do for us.

There’s no job description for an MP.  The role has evolved over several hundred years and the idea of what is ‘representing your constituents’ has changed beyond recognition, even in the last few decades.  Should we measure an MP's activity? His or her contribution to local life or to creating legislation? How easy he or she is to get hold of?

I’m amazed some MPs hold down one, two and more private jobs as well as being an MP.  I find being an MP is more than full-time, so I don’t have a clue how they do it!

I don’t mean the doctors, drivers and others who need a minimum number of working hours to keep their skills updated so they stay registered – general elections can deliver a brutal end to any MP’s term, so keeping qualified is fair.  He or she may need to return to his or her old job!

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Tips on creating posts

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farmers market orangesOur community has a great Farmer's Market every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the library parking lot. Fresh produce is sold by area farmers, like these tasty oranges sold by Mrs. Patel.

Communications Director John Woo is about to sample Mrs. Patel's oranges. He thought they were so delicious, he bought two bags to share with the volunteers in our campaign office.

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