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Fox Hunting

img_mr_fox.jpgFox Hunting.

The Hunting Act was pushed through Parliament by Tony Blair after some 720 hours of debate in Westminster.  It stirred up tensions and caused division in our rural communities, which was both regrettable and inevitable, given how strongly views are held on both sides.

I believe drag hunting, which is what happens lawfully now, provides an alternative to fox hunting.  It offers a solution to address the concerns of both those who are unhappy with the use of their land for fox hunting, and those who oppose hunting on animal welfare grounds.  Drag hunting can be undertaken with the same formal dress and social customs which took place at any Meet prior to the Hunting Act – the removal of the fox, or any other animal, from hunting does not mean the long-held traditions that many people hold so dear must also cease.     

Nationally, support for the ban remains at an all-time high, with 8 out of 10 people opposed to making fox hunting legal again. An overwhelming majority of the letters and emails I receive urge me not to support efforts to repeal the ban. 

Before the last election, I said I would not support a repeal of the ban. My position remains unchanged. 

If you'd like any more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Stop Conservative Manifesto Fracking Plans


The Conservative’s manifesto (released today) fails to deal with climate change and shows a worrying disregard for the health of our natural environment.

Getting behind renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency should be top priorities, yet the Conservatives are backing fossil fuels and fracking whilst refusing to commit to tidal lagoons.

This is a truly bleak set of proposals which threaten Somerset’s rural way of life, our jobs and countryside.

The lack of any detailed plan for a replacement Common Agricultural Policy after Brexit will send a shiver down the spine of farmers and those working in environmental management alike.

And we know from experience that Heappey won’t stand to his party bosses in Parliament, he voted to weaken protections against fracking, despite promising to oppose it. He has never voted against his party whip.

The Conservatives are on course for a landslide nationally but Somerset is clearly not not safe in their hands. The need for decent, independent minded MPs in Parliament is greater than ever. To provide meaningful opposition and stand up for the environment.

I voted against fracking as your MP and I would do so again, I also ran a petition which I handed to the then Prime Minister. The petition is still live here. If you haven't already signed, please do so and then share. Lets get to 3000 signatures!

Tessa Munt 

Standing up for Somerset

ps. Only I can beat the Conservative here. The Green party hasn't put a candidate forward and voting for Labour will only help the Conservative.


Conservatives poised to 'snatch' school lunches

History repeats itself: "Theresa May took your lunch away"


Tessa has reacted angrily to the Conservative manifesto pledge to scrap free school meals for every young child, an immensely successful and popular policy introduced by the Lib Dems in coalition.

Tessa said:

In my day, people would chant, "Thatcher, Thatcher, 'milk snatcher', if Theresa May wins with a landslide next month, there'll be shouts of "Theresa May took your lunch away".

Taking lunches away from schoolchildren gives a flavour of what will happen if you don't vote for decent, and independent minded MPs like me in the House of Commons. 

Every parent knew their child sat down at a table to eat a nutritious, hot, midday meal with their classmates. This is a hugely popular policy with busy working parents and those who are less well off, alike.

This just demonstrates Theresa May and her colleagues' cold and mean-spirited vision for Britain’s future.

Tessa Munt

18th May 2017


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