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Pledge to vote Tessa!

This election is going to be so close, every single vote will count if I am to hold on and represent and defend Somerset again after May 7th.

A key part of this will be creating momentum. I know I can't match my Conservative's bank balance, but with our enthusiasm, energy and some imagination, we can easily outstrip his spending. The many hundreds of bright orange Tessa signs installed by my team of volunteers early on have already created such a buzz in towns and villages.

Another new but exciting way for me to create momentum is through vote pledging, if I can gain 500 vote pedges before the election, then I'm off to a flying start already.

Maybe you've already voted for me using your postal vote? If so click here, this way I know not to remind you on polling day!

Will you help me win again by voting Tessa?

500 votes
Yes I support Tessa Munt .
I might support Tessa Munt , tell me more.
No I do not support Tessa Munt .
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