google-site-verification: googleb77b0e78d57c2188.html I'm voting for Tessa!

Will you vote Tessa?

This election is going to be so close, every single vote will count. 11008563_10153268637421042_2308371879402702493_n.jpg

My team of volunteers and will be installed over 1000 Tessa boards around the patch, it's hard to find a lane without at least one! This creates a real buzz, so a big thank you if you have displayed one in your garden, window or car.

Another way to create momentum is with vote pledges. This election is going to be tough but if I can secure lots of promises to vote Tessa, then I know I'm off to a flying start even before June 8th.

If you have already voted by post then please let me know by clicking here.


500 votes
Yes I support Tessa Munt .
I might support Tessa Munt , tell me more.
No I do not support Tessa Munt .
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