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Tessa Munt MP visits children at Hindhayes School

Tessa at HindhayesLocal MP Tessa visited children at Hindhayes School in Street last week where she spent several hours speaking with children and parents before taking a tour of the school (including the kitchens, which will need to be adapted so that the school can provide free meals for all of the students from September 2014.)

Head teacher Diane Sleeman said: “We were really pleased when Tessa visited the school. She spent time with the Year 2 children in the hall where she told them about her work and they had the chance to ask questions.” The children had looked at pictures of the Houses of Parliament and were full of questions. “Tessa answered them all very honestly and the children listened attentively, we are very grateful for the time she gave up to visit Hindhayes and for the way she interacted with the children.”

Speaking after the visit, Tessa said: “It was great to see the students and staff on Friday.  I talked to them about what I do – both in Westminster and in and around Glastonbury, and as always, the group had some very interesting questions. Visiting schools is certainly one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.”


Tessa Munt
4th February 2014


Tessa calling for extended dredging of rivers

Tessa and the Flooding Minister on the Somerset LevelsTessa met with Defra ministers in London this week to put forward the case for dredging of the rivers and the adjoining rhynes so the whole water catchment area is considered, rather than just the rivers Parrett and Tone.

Tessa said:

After welcoming the flooding Minister to Somerset last year, it’s great that we have finally succeeded in getting the Government to agree that dredging is the way forward for Somerset.

“We need to look at the whole area. We have water that can’t get to the pumps and the Axe and Brue valleys have also been affected.

“It affects productive land, such as farmers and anyone who grows and sells their own produce, which is celebrated at great local events like Burnham’s food festival.

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Petition: Keep the Bishop in the Bishop’s Palace Campaign

Many people have contacted me about the Church Commissioners’ plan to prevent the new Bishop of Bath and Wells from living in the flat in the Bishop’s Palace.

I am writing to provide an update and to ask for your help by signing my email petition below.

I had hoped that when Sir Tony accepted my invitation to visit Wells last Saturday in order to answer the many questions raised by local people, the Church Commissioners would have made a supreme effort to brief him fully.  However, questions remain as to exactly why the Church Commissioners have come to the conclusion that the flat in the Bishop’s Palace is “not suitable” for the incoming Bishop and his wife – who have not been consulted on the matter.

Towards the end of Saturday’s meeting, there was an overwhelming majority in favour of Dick Acworth’s motion calling for the decision to be reviewed.  Dick’s motion stated: “This meeting believes that the Church Commissioners have made a serious mistake and should reconsider”.  There was one abstention; there were no votes against.  I have written to the Church Commissioners to inform them of the result.  I await their response and will let you know what they say.

Over the last seven days, there have been articles in The Daily Telegraph and The Times, following on from a very helpful article in ‘Country Life’ last Wednesday.  Today, I asked the Prime Minister about the Bishop’s accommodation during our weekly Prime Minister Questions’ session in the House of Commons.  I am pushing for a meeting with the Prime Minister in his capacity as an Ex-Officio Member of the Church Commissioners as he may have some influence on the outcome.

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