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Responsible Finances

Nick Clegg challenges David Cameron and Ed Miliband to come clean about their parties’ plans.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg today sets out our plans to balance the books on time, fairly and in full.

Nick has spell out – in unprecedented detail – how the we will get to grips with the £27bn deficit and protect public services.

The Liberal Democrats  will eradicate the structural current budget deficit by 2017/18 through a mix welfare savings, spending reductions and tax measures aimed at the wealthiest.

Our plans involve £12bn in departmental savings, £3bn in welfare savings, £5bn in tax rises and £7bn in reduced tax avoidance.

Specific measures to balance the books unveiled today include:

  • A new High Value Property Levy:  on properties worth in excess of £2m – raising £1bn
  • Corporation Tax: limiting of interest deductibility – raising £800m
  • Corporation Tax: restriction of loss relief – raising £650m
  • Non Domiciled residents: increase in charges – raising £135m
  • Universal Credit: Transition measure on capital allowances, protections and 30 hr rule – £420m

When we entered government the Labour party left us a note saying ‘there’s no money left’.



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Come and grill the candidates!


A number of hustings have been organised locally, by a range of organisations. They are all open to the public, regardless of where
they are being held. Since they have been organised externally, please direct any queries to the organisers directly.

I've added all the events and contact details to a calendar, which you can view by clicking here.

Thanks and hope to see you there!



A tree for every child


My party has plans to plant 3.5m trees, “a tree for every child”

We already prevented Conservatives from privatising our nation’s forestry early in the last Parliament, now we'll make them safe for good.

My party has drawn up plans to place Britain's forests in a protected trust to stop them ever being sold off and have committed to planting more than 3.5m trees in towns, cities and villages over the next parliament if they remain in power.

The measures would be introduced through our Nature Bill that is being drawn up by the party to bring in greater protections for the environment, including enshrining in law targets on clean air and water.

Under our plans, we will set a target of more than 700,000 trees per year, or 3.5m over the course of a parliament, which is threefold the number due to be planted under the coalition's Big Tree Plant scheme that covers built-up areas.

“A new tree for every child born over the next five years”.

The bill would include targets for clean air and water, a plan to stop natural resources such as peat and wood being harvested at an unsustainable level and put British forests into a trust to stop them being privatised.


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