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Lib Dems say “stuff convention” as we lead fight against Tory attack on families


Last week, Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron said “stuff convention” as he led the fight against Tory tax credit cuts, an assault which would see thousands of working parents in Somerset – many in part-time and seasonal work - lose over £1,000 per year.

On Monday night the Lib Dem Lords forced a vote on a ‘fatal motion’ in the House of Lords which would, had Labour Lords supported it, have stopped the changes dead in their tracks and send the proposals back to the drawing board. 

David Cameron and George Osborne both attacked our move, citing the ‘Salisbury Convention’, a tradition which means the House of Lords doesn’t block financial measures.

Lib Dem Leader, Tim Farron, said he supported the Party’s Lords breaking Parliament’s self-imposed rules, explaining David Cameron had lied to voters when he explicitly ruled out cuts to tax credits in the run up to the General Election, saying “child tax credits we have increased … and they’re not going to fall”.

Wells’ Liberal Democrat spokesperson Tessa Munt said:

I’m delighted our new Leader, Tim Farron, is using every tool available to him to fight the Tories’ cuts to tax credits.  Changes which slash the income of people who are trying really hard to support their families through work are wrong and it’s essential that these changes are reviewed.  If this is what has to be done to wake the Tories up, then good – I’m all for it.”


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Scandal over loss of ASDA money for Highbridge


Local Liberal Democrat Councillors have discovered that money given by developers to promote Highbridge town centre has been whisked away for other projects.

When ASDA came to Highbridge, the developer had to pay just under £612,000 to “promote the viability and vitality of Highbridge Town Centre and to fulfil regeneration priorities” identified by Sedgemoor District Council.

But since 2006, things had gone quiet, so local Lib Dem Town Councillor John Parkes decided to investigate. As John said: “Highbridge is a town with great pressures on its town centre, so any money for regeneration would be warmly welcomed.”

John asked questions at Sedgemoor District Council and was dismayed to discover:

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Not in our name, Mr Cameron

Britain has a proud tradition of offering safe haven to those fleeing war, violence and persecution. One of the most famous examples in the Kindertransport, a series of rescue efforts which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children, destined for death camps, to Great Britain from Nazi Germany, between 1938 and 1940.

Fast forward to 2015 and our Conservative Prime Minister, Mr Cameron has chosen to turn his back on desperate refugees and our European neighbours.

My party, the Liberal Democrats is standing up and saying not in our name. Will you join us?

Tessa Munt

29th September 2015



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