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Government Snooping


In 2012, Theresa May and the Tories brought forward plans to force internet service providers to keep a record of all your texts, emails and every website you visited.

This was an enormous intrusion into our privacy and a staggering attempt to grab our personal data on a scale we’ve never seen before.

The Lib Dems were clear then, and are clear now, a ‘Snooper’s Charter’ has no place in Britain.  So we blocked it.

Theresa May’s revised plans have been published today.  She should not try to sneak these provisions back into Bill again.

Make no mistake.  The Lib Dems will fight any attempt to bring back the so-called ‘Snooper’s Charter’ under a different name.

Tessa Munt

12th November 2015


What do want, decent pay for Jr Doctors! When do we want it, NOW!


As the date for potential strike action draws closer, it’s essential Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt takes meaningful steps to address the legitimate concerns of junior doctors. His recent offer on basic pay does not go nearly far enough.

Under this new deal, junior doctors will work even more unsociable hours in stressful conditions.  This means what looks like an 11% pay increase is tantamount to a pay cut.

The Health Secretary has repeatedly refused to offer any assurances that junior doctors working more than 56 hours a week - as many do -  will not see their pay cut.  The Lib Dem Health Spokesperson, Norman Lamb, has pressed him on this point in both a Parliamentary debate and a letter last week.


This is not just a debate about pay. A commitment that the Care Quality Commission will monitor junior doctors’ working hours is welcome, but the Lib Dems want details of exactly how new safeguards will work so they protect staff and patients effectively.

Tessa Munt

11th November 2015




The Prime Minister is failing to take the lead in constructing lasting peace, with a strategy geared towards rebuilding Syria. Instead he is obsessing about persuading MPs to vote for counterproductive military action.

More and more bombs are not the answer – you cannot bomb for peace.  Adding to the strife of war will simply create a bigger stream of refugees justifiably looking to escape.

The Lib Dem Leader, Tim Farron, has seen the consequences in Lesvos at first hand: hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes, desperate to find safety.

Tessa Munt

11th November 2015


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