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Advice Surgery with Tessa


This Saturday (10th Feb) I'll be in Coffe#1 in Wells for my regular Advice Surgery. I'll be there between 8.30-10.00am.

If you've anything you'd like to discuss just pop in and see me. No appointment is necessary.

If you can’t make it but would like to raise something, please phone my office on 01934 440639 or email me at Please leave your number so I can call you back.


If you only watch one video before you vote today...

I've just come back from a meeting with Dr Aeron McKenzie. Dr McKenzie is a Dementia Specialist working in the Mulberry Centre for patients in the area around Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.

If you value our NHS, then use your vote to protect it. This means voting for me and my party's progressive NHS policies today (Thursday 8th June).

Only I can beat the Conservative - and his leader's absurd Dementia Tax.

Tessa Munt 

Standing up for Somerset





Conservative Manifesto - No numbers beyond the page numbers


Did you know that the Conservative manifesto has no numbers beyond the page numbers?

This is an arrogant misjudgement. Theresa May and her advisors have decided that the public does not need to be told what will happen after the election, or how anything will be paid for.

Since they are ruling out increases in income, corporate tax and VAT we can only assume that there will be an increase in National Insurance and in various ‘stealth taxes’ yet to be specified.

It has undoubtedly raised suspicions.

We are being honest with people, to save our NHS and social care we will put 1p on income tax, raising £6bn a year.

Tessa Munt 

Standing up for Somerset



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